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At Sage, personal service, community involvement, and state-of-the-art equipment are what we are all about. Our physical, occupational, and speech therapists possess superb skills, and operate in a unique clinical environment, one that emphasizes flexibility, innovation, and refusal to submit to the “one size fits all” model of factory-style therapy that has become all too common in health care.
Our team has the freedom to provide therapeutic techniques in an integrated approach, with all the time needed to give our patients their best opportunity for reaching goals. The ability of our staff to focus on patients, without all the paperwork and bureaucratic hassle of mainstream rehab facilities, places us far ahead when it comes to patient care.
We offer full rehab services to patients with orthopedic or neurological deficits, as well as wound care, foot care, and sports medicine. Pediatric, adult, and geriatric patients are all served by our team. We integrate our team approach with Sage’s Diabetes Clinic and Wellness program, as well as the unique Therapeutic Horseback Riding program, which is housed right here in our offices; the horseback riding program is used by all the disciplines of our rehab team and has demonstrated a phenomenal record of effectiveness and patient satisfaction which would be envied by any rehab facility anywhere. And because Sage’s administration understands that great clinicians need great equipment, we are supported with the equipment and budget that allows us to excel.

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