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Who Supports the Navajo Health Foundation / Sage Memorial Hospital?

The Office of Philanthropy maintains a database of over 65,000 donors who have contributed to Sage since the early 1970ís. Over the years, we have established treasured relationships with many dear friends of Sage. Many of our donors have supported our mission to deliver quality health care service that integrates Native American medicine with Western medicine.

For your support, we thank you. We realize that without your enduring support, Sage Memorial Hospital could not survive. Ahe`hee`. (Thank you!).

Daily, our Philanthropy Office seeks new friends and donors. Annually, we conduct direct mail solicitations in the Fall and Spring. Sage receives thousands of dollars (and the majority of donations) from these direct mail campaigns.

Gifts from individuals like you account for 83% of Sage's annual contributions. Grants account for 15% of our contributions while corporations give 2% of Sage's annual gifts.

If you want to review our list of recent contributors, please refer to Sageís Annual Report. You can request of copy of the most recent Annual Report by contacting Sage's Office of Philanthropy (928-755-4556).

If you want to be added to our mailing list, please register with Sage by returning to Philanthropy

The information from the Address Book will be sent to Sage's Office of Philanthropy. 


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